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Coalition of Caring

12th Annual Caregiver’s Conference

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Courtyard Marriot,

Grappone Conference Center, Concord, NH

Caregiver’s Afternoon Workshops:

Workshop E

Laugh Until It Helps, Saundra Maisey, Certified Laughter Leader (CLL)

Laughter can provide a healthy way of achieving balance and improving our health during stressful times.  We will learn how to put more laughter in our lives, and actively engage in laughter activities together.  Participants will come away with tools to help them deal with every day stresses using laughter.

Workshop F

Mindfulness…A Path to Self-Care and Wellness During Stressful Times in Our Lives., Dr. Donna McCarten White

This all Workshop will present the factors that often lead to Caregiver Stress in the Workplace, home and in our lives.  Variable stressors increase the demand on the human body and may lead to physical and emotional ailments and often lead to a loss of purpose in one’s life.  Utilizing mindfulness techniques offers a unique approach to self-care and promotes wellness in all domains by engaging in the world around you.

Workshop G

Voices of Veteran Caregivers, Polly Bernard, Caregiver Support Coordinator, Beverly Bolduc, Caregiver Support Coordinator, Manchester VAMC

A panel presentation to include two Veteran Caregivers and one professional. The presentation will be moderated by VA Caregiver Support Coordinators. Sensitive issues surrounding the care of post 9/11 Veterans as well as older Veterans will be discussed.  This presentation will be interactive, with audience participation being encouraged.

Workshop H

Moments to Memories – Becky Rule

The more you remember, the more you can remember. Becky will lead remembering exercises to connect us with the richness of our lives (so far) and connect us to each other as we share memories. These exercises may also be fun for to try with those you care for.

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